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Full Color Postcard Printing Calculator

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Prices subject to change without notice.

Postcards Can Be Your Best Lead Generator if Used Correctly

What better way to get your client's attention than High Quality full color postcards printed with the Print Fellas. Our Gang-Run special full color postcards are printed on high quality 14pt C2S Stock with UV coating on both sides.

We can print postcards in all sizes including: 4x6, 5.5 x 8.5 and more! We offer custom  print solutions where you can choose your stock, dimensions of paper, quantity and more. Call one of our trained  staff members to discuss our custom print solutions with you. They better know the answer or else they'll have to answer to the Boss!

Good follow up methods can boost the sales for your business. About 68% of online sales are from people interested enough to request full color postcards or sign up for a direct mailing list. People who request information from a company usually end up becoming a customer. In today's constant changing economy it is critical that your business full color postcards have an identifiable image that sets you apart from the other guys. All types of business need some kind of marketing tools and print services, a business would be invisible without good follow up methods such as full color postcards.

High quality full color postcards for a low price. Only printfellas can bring you organized printing like this. If your full color postcards don't have the look and feel like the full color postcards from the Print Fellas, the Boss says you paid too much!

I always thought my boss was more of a backroom type of guy. You know, cutting deals and making offers nobody can refuse. But I found out he thinks about marketing, too, when one day the subject of Full Color Postcards came up:

"My brother-in-law said I should try full color postcards" I heard him say before a goodbye and hanging up the phone. He turned to me as I walked into his office and asked, "What do you know about full color postcards?"

"Well Boss, full color postcards are an effective way to keep in touch with your customers for many purposes." I smoothly replied, having just read a marketing article about it when nature called 15 minutes ago. (Hint: Read business magazines to get different ideas. It prepares you for those non sequiturs bosses tend to throw at you.) "Do you need full color postcards, Boss?" I offered. (Another hint: Always anticipate the obvious, and act first!)

"Well, some of the boys, er uh, I mean our associates, have too many people to see in person, so we're thinking of full color postcards." He explained uneasily, tapping his desk.

"Full color postcards are a cost effective way to send a lot of people your message" I said, trying to make him feel more comfortable with the idea. "And the Print Fellas have full color postcards, in 14 pt. card stock, with glossy or satin protective coatings" trying to sound resourceful, "and I can upload pictures to include and do it on-line" I finished with a matter-of-fact, if not a little smug tone.

"Ok, order me some full color postcards, Today!" he barked, now owning the idea and asserting himself . All in a day's work of keeping my boss happy...


Colors: Full color
Paper stock: 14 pt or 16 pt C2S
Coating: Matte or glossy coating
Finishing: Score or Foil
Timeframe: 3 day and 5 day processing
Sizes: 4x6

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